About Us

Who we are:

Theo Theodorou Jewellery Design has been impressing everyone with its exclusive collections since 1988. Located in Anexartisia’s Agora, Theo Theodorou jewellery remains one of the most iconic, traditional jewellers in Cyprus with over 30 years of experience and a custom built elegant interior, this beautiful store remains as stylish as the most famous world galleries .

Theo Theodorou was born in Limassol and attended the “corso di perfezionamento” course meaning “classes of perfection”, at the ‘Istituto statale d’Arte” in Florence. Italy inspired him to create his first collection .

He faces the every day challenges with the same passion possessed in the creation of his first collection and always keeps experimenting with new techniques, materials and ideas.

Ηe took part in various exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad, as well as in the “Biennale 1990″ in Marseille.

Raw Materials are transformed by a sophisticated and delicate play of colors and lights, which reveal their original beauty through an endless creative process.

Each piece by Theo Theodorou reflects his artistic will and love to create beauty, whether it’s an everyday piece or exclusive pieces for exceptional occasions. Each collection provides maximum versatility to accompany a woman on any occasion.

In an age where everything is mass produced, Theo Theodorou still is proud to maintain his handcrafted soul, offering limited production of his pieces, entirely handmade, using only the traditional master artisan techniques of jewllery

Simple, pure lines, combined with refined elegance, characterizes Theo Theodorou’s work.

Theo Theodorou jewellery is known and appreciated by discerning Jewellery lovers with a passion of creativity and modern elegance.